Sunday, November 25, 2007

Widsom from a Little Guy

You would have thought my little nephew was taking notes in church this morning...

My sister and I were out shopping for stocking stuffers for the kids today and my sister ran into a relative on Jarrad's side. They had a little conversation about Thanksgiving then Kerry mentioned that Brett was going to send out birthday party invitations - and was excited to invite her little boy. She responded by saying that her little boy was having a birthday party too...and couldn't wait to invite Brett. Turns out his party is planned the same day Brett's. Kerry was a little bummed, but didn't say anything to the mom about having Brett's party planned for the same day. When we got home, she "broke" the news to Brett - expecting that he would be as disappointed as she was. But, his response was "That's cool mom! We can either change mine to another day or just find out what time his is and have mine at another time".

No "poor me", No being bummed out and wanting the day just for himself. Brett found joy in the fact that he was going to get to go to another birthday party! Pretty wise for an almost 6 year old!

I've got a lot to learn!

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