Sunday, August 31, 2008

A familiar hug

Today we went to my mom's house to do a big birthday party for her, Bryce, Kerry and me....we like to stretch birthday's out as long as we can at the Moore house - any excuse for chocolate cake!

While we were there, my aunt and uncle stopped by. We don't see them very often, so it was a bit of a surprise. (this is my dad's twin brother) We had a nice visit. . He talked about when they were little and how he would get in trouble every day, but my dad rarely did. It was fun to hear stories about my dad. His family doesn't keep in touch with us very often, so I love anytime we get to hear about what he was like as a kid.

Anyways...when they were leaving my uncle hugged me. I think it was the first time I've felt myself get sad in a long time.

Even though they're twins, their facial features don't look exactly alike. But, if you saw them from behind, it would be difficult to tell them apart - short legs and a round belly. I just see little snippets of him in my uncle. Especially his hands. His hands look just like my dad's.

When he hugged me, I felt my heart skip a beat. He said "love ya sis". I know that's what he calls his girls too, so it wasn't wierd that he said that...but those were the last words my dad spoke to me the Wednesday before he died and there was something about the way his hug felt that was familiar. I almost felt like I hugged my dad today. Oh I wish...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wheezy's back!

Ugh...the asthma is back. I was hoping that Carlee had outgrown it since she hasn't had any episodes in several months. Wednesday was her 3 year well child checkup...and of course it was the day she started coughing. So, her pediatrician was not in agreement when I told her I took her off her asthma/allegery meds. So, we're back to using the "breather" as Carlee calls it. She does great with her nebulizer - but she's been doing it since she was 6 months old, so I guess she's used to it.

I'll never forget the first time she was in "distress". I've never been so terrified in my life. Watching her struggle and her little belly moving so fast trying to get her breath. I'm a little less nervous now that I know how to deal with it. But I still hate every time it happens and I still have a rush of panic until she starts breathing better.

I'm just going to believe that she will eventually out grow it.

Jenna is spending the night with us tonight and I just heard Chris say "Your world's about to come crashing down girls". I'm not sure what that means...but it sure was funny! He's trying to convince them it's time to go to bed, but they're not in agreement...giggles everywhere!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eating and Sleeping (or lack thereof)

OK, so I've talked about this before but haven't brought it up in a while...I'm on this quest to loose weight - and be healthy. So, I've been doing Weight Watchers for 6 weeks and have lost 17 lbs...but I'm at a stand still. So, I've kicked up the exercise - now I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Uck...I hate thinking about, worring about, obsessing over weight. It's such a pain. I almost talked myself out of getting on the treadmill tonight - it was 9:00 before I got Eli to bed...I have to get up at 5...I need the sleep...but, I made myself do it and I'm glad I did. I pushed myself for an hour and it's worth it...tell me it's worth it??

Someone asked me this question several weeks ago and it stuck with me -

"Would you rather eat anything you want or wear anything you want".

Most days it's the latter but every-once-in-a-while chocolate cake sounds really good! I'm proud of myself for the 17 lbs. Still have a long way to go!

By the way...Eli slept through the night last night. I woke up at 5 with the alarm clock and realized that I never got up with him. I jumped up and went into his room to check on him and he was sound asleep. Didn't wake up until 6. I told him it was ok if he just did that every other night. Tonight is Chris' night! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

About me...

OK, I was having one of those days yesterday where I was a little down...thinking that there was nothing really "special" about me...(I think maybe b/c I turned 33 last week and feel OLD!) So, I made myself think of the things that make Here they are:

1. I am a rule follower - you will never see me going out the in door.
2. I'm too embarrassed about my ugly toes to get a pedicure. I lost my big toenail on a Young Life backpacking trip and it hasn't ever been the same...gross.
3. I watch "The Hills". And, I like it.
4. I have a knack for picking great friends. There are people out there who are better at pulling you down than lifting you up - I'm not friends with anyone like that.
5. Sheets are very important to me. The higher the thread count the better.
6. I love watching high school football.
7. I love boxed chocolate cake with chocolate icing...way too much.
8. I have an extremely unhealthy fear of someone else that I love dying in an accident.
9. I'm better at writing that I am at talking. Small talk makes me nervous.
10. I'm terrible at math. Had my sister not "helped" me in college, I would probably still be taking Algebra.
11. I am an instruction giver. I get it from my mom. My husband doesn't like it!

Now...tonight is my night to get up with Eli, so I think I'll be smart and get in bed. If anyone has any great ideas about how to get an almost 4 month old to quit waking up at 4 a.m. to eat, that would be great. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

This week at daycare

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the daycare...nervous at first, because that usually means someone is sick and needs to go home. Which also means that they can't go back the next day. Not only do I not want sick kiddos, I also have no vacation left until February. one was sick or hurt. They had a question. You see, apparently Eli had been sleeping for 4 hours and they wondered if they should wake him up. Um...yes.

He's doing great in daycare. Obviously he takes great naps (which was not the case with Carlee). They say he's just a happy baby. That makes me happy.

Carlee is doing great in "pre-pre-school" too. But...since we've been in the new house, she's been getting out of her bed and into ours EVERY night. We tried a "big girl" chart, promising a new movie if she got 5 stars for staying in her bed every night. That worked one desperation, and really not expecting an answer, with my head in my hands I said "Carlee, what is mommy going to have to do to get you to stay in your bed?" To which she replied "hummmm, I don't know." I laughed out loud. And she's stayed in her bed every night since.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A new season...

Yesterday was my first day back at work. Bittersweet. I love my job and was ready to get back to it again, but missed by kiddos like crazy. I took a picture of Eli on my phone Monday...and I looked at it about 50 times yesterday. I couldn't wait to get home and squeeze him and Carlee last night. They both seemed bigger when I got home - like they grew while I was gone.

It's a bit of a challenge, because Eli is getting up at 4:15, and I have to get up at really, I'm getting up at 4:15. I do ok until after lunch, then it's time to crash. Hopefully he'll start stretching that out a little. But, when he's hungry, he's hungry.

I'm going to enjoy this season.