Saturday, January 31, 2009

The dream

Last night when I was reading Carlee her book before bed and here was our conversation:

Carlee: mommy, I had a dream about you and daddy.
Me: Really, what did you dream.
Carlee: You were an elephant and he was a lion.
Me: oh really. And what did we do.
Carlee: I don't know.
And that was the to sleep.

There's one to boost your self esteem. An elephant? Really? :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

My guilty pleasure

So, I'm publicly admitting that The Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures. And...I'm also admitting that I am a grown woman (that's weird to say, because I really don't feel like a "woman") anyways...I am a grown woman and I spend most of my time watching the show embarrassed for those crazy girls. You can totally tell the ones he's not into - and when they start going in for the kiss I get sooooo embarrassed for them! Sometimes so bad that I have to change the channel until it's over.

Tonight I told Eli that he's not allowed around crazy girls like that. For real.

So...I'm thinking it's going to be Jillian...anyone agree?

Tomorrow other guilty pleasures - American Idol and Biggest Loser. It's sad being me! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday night recomendations...

Had "girls night" tonight...ate a little Joe's Italian (I recommend) and watched Bride Wars (also recommend).

OK, so the movie was a little hokey - but it's great when you want to just sit and veg and not get scared, cry, or have to was just one of those kind of movies where you just laugh and feel kind of normal when you leave. I needed that today.

Good stuff about moving companies

So, I really need to give ABF U-Pack Moving some link love. If you're ever moving out of state, and your move is over 500 miles, definitely check them of the best moving companies out there! First, ABF is an extremely reputable company (which is a big deal when you're trusting someone with all of your stuff) Second, it's really easy. Third, it's really affordable.

Basically ABF delivers either a moving trailer or ReloCube (small container) to your home. You load all of your stuff. ABF drives it to your new home and you unload your stuff. It's kind of a happy medium between a "full service" mover and a rental truck. It's a lot easier than driving a rental truck, but costs A LOT less than full service mover (in fact, it costs about the same as a rental truck.)

I'm pretty sure most people who read this aren't going to be moving any time soon (far away at least)...but if you you've got someone else to check with!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ponies and Hippos...

I have to post an email that my friend Amanda (who keeps Carlee and Eli during the day now) sent me yesterday...

okay, so Kate and Carlee want to get married so they'll be friends forever. So I
do the ceremony making them promise to be nice to each other and always love
each other as friends forever. They hug and Carlee tells Kate she has a present
for her. She then hands her Kate's horse. Kate then says that she has a present
for Carlee and picks up a toy hippo. Carlee takes the hippo, chunks it across
the room and says "Hey, I wanted a pony!"

Hilarious. There was a life lesson for Carlee in that. You thankful for what you're given. But...I have to say, there was also a little life lesson in there for me. You know what it's like when you have an expectation - and it doesn't happen. When you'd love a homemade card from the kids and instead you get an address book made out of dried leaves... :) Guess when I sulk, it's kind of like throwing the hippo! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OK, so due to Becca's prompting...I'm going to get real. (Take at look at her "get real" list. I think it will inspire you!) I think I'm usually pretty real on here - save a few things that I'd rather not share with anyone but my hubby and those who are closest to me. But, here are some things that I may or may not have shared already...

  1. I am extremely self-conscious about my weight. It keeps me from being social, and it keeps me from being comfortable talking with people I don't know well. In fact, I often think that people who I've never met in person won't like me because of my "looks."
  2. My left big toenail is disgusting. It fell off after a long backpacking trip (5 days in British Columbia) and it hasn't been the same since.
  3. I have a crazy fear of something bad happening to my children. Like, when I'm at an intersection, I envision another car running the light and hitting us.
  4. I am terrible at math. I want to be good at it. I try to be good at it. I'm not good at it.
  5. When I really want to understand something that's difficult for me to grasp, I have to research it, and write it down. Just reading it doesn't work for me. My mind just doesn't work that way, and it's embarrassing sometimes.
  6. I want to memorize scripture. But, I don't do it. My good intentions always fail (see #5)
  7. I don't mind not being the boss, until it comes to my marriage. That's where I want control. I think my way is the best way - and I let my sweet husband know on a regular basis. What to dress the kids in, how to load the dishwasher, which slot the small spoons go in the silverware drawer, what to use to wash the kitchen counter tops (ok, you can't use Dawn dishwashing detergent for the kitchen cabinets...somebody tell my husband).
  8. I have a weakness for cleaning products. I don't always use them - my house is a mess right now. But, I like to have them. Right now I'm eyeing that infomercial steam mop.
  9. I am not crafty, nor am I good at decorating. I wish I were. I know it would be fun to join in on making fun things and posting pictures of the creative masterpieces. But, it drains me to even think about trying it. And, I'm jealous of all of you who do it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time to save!

Being so concerned about what's going on in the economy, we're trying to be very wise about every dollar that we spend in order to save every dollar that we don't spend. In November, we began seriously cutting things back and here's what we were able to do:

Satellite - cut back to the bear minimum - saved $50/month - $600/year
Home phone service - cut back to the bear minimum (our Internet service is through the phone line, so we have to have the minimum) - saved $20/month - $240/year
Eating out - (this is huge). We were spending around $400/a month eating out. We've cut that to less than $100/month - so a $3600 savings over a year! So, if you ask me out to eat, and I say I can't...this is probably why. We usually limit eating out to once during the week (with a friend or something) and once together (if event that)...we just eat at home most of the time now.
Buying stuff - you know, trips to Target or Walmart, where you just see stuff that you like and buy it? I was unknowingly spending about $100/week on stuff like that. I've cut that back to NOTHING. I just don't do that anymore. That saves $400/month and $4800/year
Diapers - Starting to use the cheap ones - Saves $40/month - and $480/year.
Formula - Switched to the store brand (asked pediatrician about this and she said it was fine). Saved $40/month - and $480/year.
Childcare - Changed from Daycare to in home care. They get amazing care now and save $3000/year.

We also do stuff like turning the heat off while we're not at home during the day. Making sure EVERYTHING we're not using is unplugged. Saving on our electric bill has been huge.

That's over $13,000 in savings over a year. EXCITING!!

Now, we're working on re-financing our house with a better interest rate. Unfortunately when we were getting close to finishing the interest rate rose quickly with all of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stuff going on. So when we locked in, interest rates were at 6.5%. Now they're around 5.1% or less - so great time to refinance and save even more.

What are you doing to save? I'm open to some things we haven't thought of!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And one...And two...

OK, I've got these step things - well actually they're Kerry's and I'm borrowing them. Can I go ahead and tell you that I stepped up and down on them for 20-minutes on Monday (alternating legs and doing upper body free weights after 20 steps on each leg) - and I literally could not walk on Tuesday. For real. I'm thinking it worked. Oh my calves, butt, quads, inner thighs, outter thighs. Who knew stepping up and down on a couple of steps would do that? Um...apparently not me. Chris has been walking around the house saying "mommy needs to learn moderation". I did it again this morning...but just used one step. Still got the burn, but maybe I'll be able to walk tomorrow.
So, if you're looking to reduce the size of any of the parts I listed above - I'm recommending a step.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No more blahs...

Sometimes I feel kind of blah...then I look at a little boy with a funny little grin, who puts his arms around my neck and hugs me, who laughs when I tickle him, who pulls on my nose, and gives me open mouth kisses...and I don't feel quite so blah.

Then, I look at a little girl with crazy hair, sucking her thumb, who wants to paint our fingernails together, who wants to "fix" my hair, who hides from me and giggles, who says mommy, I love you....and I REALLY don't feel so blah.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First day

Carlee had a great time at her new "day care" today. She talked about Kate until she fell asleep on the way home...apparently they had a hard time taking a nap because they were talking and giggling. I had a feeling that would happen. I've got a little chatter and giggler! So, I've threatened not getting to go to a birthday party on Saturday if she doesn't take a nap tomorrow. Hopefully that will do it. It was just an exciting day...and I kind of know what it's like to want to talk!

Not only that...they made cookies and sent one home for Chris and me. yum! oh, but that's not on my diet. darn.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow is Carlee and Eli's last day at daycare. It's bittersweet - Carlee has been there since she was 10 weeks old and has some friends that she just loves. And really, to tell the truth, change just makes me nervous.

10 week old Carlee!

But, we're so, so excited that they're going to Mrs. Amanda's house. I think it's one of the best decisions we've made in a while! Certainly an answer to prayer. Not only do I know they're going to get amazingly good care, they'll both have friends to play with...Kate is Carlee's age and Abby is Eli's age - how cool is that! Best of all, they'll get to sleep until almost 7 every morning b/c I can bring them in their pj's! Carlee's really excited about that (right now she has to get up at 6 to get dressed and eat breakfast - and she's NOT a morning person!) I just love that they're going to have a sweet mommy taking care of them and they're not just one of several kids in a classroom.

Don't get me wrong - our daycare has been wonderful. But, it's nice for them to get to stay at "home" and not be in a school setting all of the time. And here's another plus - maybe I won't have to take them to the dr. so much! Less kids hopefully means less sickies!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's the plan...

So, I'm doing a 5K in March. Here's the plan for the next 6 weeks...

Week One
Mon Rest
Tue Run 1 min, walk 1 min. Do 10 times
Wed Rest
Thu Run 2 mins, walk 4 mins. Do 5 times
Fri Rest
Sat Rest
Sun Run 2 mins, walk 4 mins. Do 5 times

Week Two
Mon Rest
Tue Run 3 mins, walk 3 mins. Do 4 times
Wed Rest
Thu Run 3 mins, walk 3 mins. Do 4 times
Fri Rest
Sat Rest
Sun Run 5 mins, walk 3 mins. Do 3 times

Week Three
Mon Rest
Tue Run 7 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times
Wed Rest
Thu Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times
Fri Rest
Sat Rest
Sun Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times

Week Four
Mon Rest
Tue Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times
Wed Rest
Thu Run 10 mins, walk 2 mins. Do twice then run for 5 mins
Fri Rest
Sat Rest
Sun Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times

Week Five
Mon Rest
Tue Run 9 mins, walk 1 min. Do 3 times
Wed Rest
Thu Run 12 mins, walk 2 mins. Do twice then run for 5 mins
Fri Rest
Sat Rest
Sun Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times

Week Six
Mon Rest
Tue Run 15 mins, walk 1 min. Do twice
Wed Rest
Thu Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins. Do 3 times
Fri Rest
Sat Rest
Practice running the whole thing