Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not again...

Sunday was such a beautiful day. So, Chris and I drove around and looked at open houses - trying to get ideas for our own house. Carlee went to church with my mom, so it was just the two of us.

By the end I was getting tired and feeling a little strange. When we got home I started having some pretty severe stomach and back pain. It almost felt like contractions. Chris rubbed my back and I fell asleep, but woke up at about 2 puking...Another stomach virus! Puked all day yesterday - until about 9:30 last night. Eli continued to kick and flip, which made me feel a little more nauseous. Unbelievable...I usually get somthing like this about once every other year. But I've had it twice in less than 3 months. Since I know you want the details...It was so severe last night that I busted capillaries in my face - so now I've got little red dots all over. Nice.

But, I woke up feeling better this morning. Feel like I've been run over by a truck...but no more hugging the toilet. I stayed home from work, so I think I'll spend the rest of the day sleeping this off...and praying that Carlee doesn't get it.

Tomorrow is my next check-up, so I'll update how Eli is doing then. By-the-way, do you think that since the Giants won the Super Bowl everyone is going to think I named him Eli becuase of Eli Manning? Not that it matters - but we figure there are going to be lots of little boys named Eli this year.

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Matt and Becca said...

Oh. my. gosh. that is ridiculous. hope you're feeling better soon!!!