Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Saturday Morning

We're having a relaxing day of hanging out at Memaw's house...doing laundry, cleaning, organizing. Sometimes I enjoy doing that stuff.

Today Carlee gets to go to her first "real" birthday party. Other than her cousins parties, she's been to two others before she was 2 - but had no idea what was going on and had no interest in playing with anyone. Today, she's excited.

I took some pictures of her this morning...she's a thumb-sucker. A guy at work said he sucked his thumb until he was 9. He remembers telling himself "I've gotta stop this". He didn't do it in public - just when he was going to bed. Oh my...I hope that doesn't happen in our world.


Matt and Becca said...

Oh my gosh! She could not be any cuter! We spent the morning at Pro-Med after no sleeping to find out that Cy has double ear infections. Lovely. At least we have meds now!!!

Becky said...

Oh no...LOVE to spend Saturday mornings at Pro-Med. I hope he gets better quick - for both your sakes!