Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm back

I've been a bit of a slacker lately (at least at blogging). But, if I'm going to be a slacker at something...I guess this is the best thing to pick!

Our house is framed, wrapped in the paper stuff, and the roof has tar paper on it. So, next is putting the shingles on and the plumbing. It actually looks like a house now (I'll post pictures tomorrow). VERY EXCITING.

I'm going to the dr. every 2 weeks now. Last time was the glucose screening - and I didn't hear anything back from them, so that means all is ok. I go again on Wednesday. I think they'll do another ultrasound sometime to see if he's still breech - but probably closer to my due date. He's very, very active. All hours of the day and night. I'm sleeping about 3 hours a night right now, which I guess is good practice for when he gets here! I feel like I'm VERY unprepared for his arrival. I think I'll start getting ready. I'm so, so, so thankful for the huge amount of clothes and boy things that my wonderful friend gave me! (Thanks Becca!) What an amazing blessing.

I think I'm going to bed. Chris says I snore so loud now that he can't sleep with me. That's what happens when your belly sticks out over your toes...

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