Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The diagnosis
Yep, it's colic. His dr. changed our formula to Nutramigen...cha-ching. We may have to move to eating ramen noodles! We'll try it over the weekend, and if it doesn't get better, she's going to prescribe a medication. Because of the hydrocele issue, she doesn't want him crying so much - apparently when he cries, the straining pushes more fluid down there which could result in a hernia. Regardless of the hydrocele issue, I just don't want him to cry like that.

Tonight has been much better. He's still fussy, but better.

So, my wonderful mom is taking the night shift tonight so that Chris and I can sleep. Did I mention that she's wonderful?

The house
Our builder said today that we should be able to move in the first week in July. The tile looks super. Tomorrow they're doing the driveway/sidewalk and finishing up the tile. The more stuff they finish, the more anxious I get to move in. I just can't wait!!

The birthday party
I'm on the lookout for someone who can make a My Little Pony birthday cake. Carlee is convinced that she HAS to have a My Little Pony party. So, if anyone knows someone who can make that happen, I'm taking suggestions! I found a cute cake online that I'm sure someone will be able to do for us.

I'm off to get some shut eye. Love it!

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Matt and Becca said...

OK, two things:
I'm so sorry about the colic. Please know that I feel your pain-- emotionally, physically, and financially. Liquid Gold, as we fondly named our formula, is a stress on the budget (read: $300/month for us), but it will save your sanity. It did for us. Always, always ask your ped's nurse for samples, every time you go in. Also, look on ebay. It seemed weird to me at first, but I got some great deals. I looked online for coupons as well.

And on the cake: Mary Liz's sister-in-law makes amazing cakes. Not sure what her prices are, but I think she's pretty good. You might call ML about it. Of course, Creative Kitchen can make anything. Might be $$, not sure on that either.

Get some sleep. I'm off to do the same.