Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The house
We're almost in our house! We may be able to start moving stuff in this weekend...even though it it will be next week before we'll close and "officially" be able to move the majority of the stuff in. YAY!! (Becca, I'll call you when I know for sure!!)

The little screamer
Eli has been sick a little this week - he made it 7 weeks without getting a bug, but just couldn't hold off. Carlee had it first, waking up with a 103 temp one day last week. She fought it off though and didn't have the usual asthma attack. Poor little guy - since he's so little there's really nothing we can do for him but put saline drops in his nose and suck it out with that blue bulb syringe...he hates to see that thing coming! He seems to be doing better today though, so maybe we're at the tail end of it.

The attack
Yesterday as I was walking through my moms house I stepped down about 2 inches from a frog...IN THE HOUSE! At first I thought it was a toy so I flicked it with a piece of paper and it jumped at me - I'm pretty sure it was attacking - and I screamed! Carlee jumped up on the couch, looked at me wide eyed and said "what are we going to do mom". I thought I would try to sweep it onto the dust pan and throw it outside...but that thing had a crazy jump. So, I corralled it with the broom and after about 5 minutes got it to jump out the door. Whew...where is daddy when you REALLY need him?

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