Monday, September 8, 2008

Breaking News...

Bumpy is missing.

We've looked and looked, but can't find "her" anywhere. I asked Carlee if Bumpy was a girl or a boy and she said "a girl mom. she's pink". OK.

The last time I remember seeing bumpy was Saturday at the Growing Kids sale. I have a feeling it may have fallen out in the parking lot when I was trying to lug all of Carlee's stuff (including her car seat) while I was pushing Eli in the stroller. I'm sure if that's the case, it's in a trash can somewhere.

It kind of makes me sad...I know it's time for Carlee and Bumpy to part ways, but I would have kept it - I've got a perfect place in my hope chest where it could have stayed until Carlee was older. I imagined years from now that I would pull it out and let her look at the dirty little blanket she slept with every night.

To top that off, we left "Silky" - which is by no means Bumpy, but will do in a pinch - at day care. So, tonight she went to sleep without the aid of either. This may be a new beginning! We shall see...


Erin said...

Oh my! I almost cried just reading this. Both my boys have a "bluey" (not even sure how to write that made up word) that they still sleep with. I would cry way more than them if we lost either of them!

Sharon said... sad! Yes, both of my girls have "nite nite" that they can not go without! Luckily we have 2, but so far still have the "original" and the back up! Lindsey now sleeps with both. So hard!

PS-I sent you my blog invite the other day, but just realized I didn't type it right. So I sent it to you again! I hope you get it!

Julie said...


Jenna has blanket pink. She still sleeps with it. I remember the first time she left it at church, I thought she would not do well at bedtime, but she did fine. I'm sorry it is gone. :(

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