Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Memaw

Today is my mom's birthday...and you know what she's doing for her birthday? Having a slumber party at her house with Carlee and Jenna. She's such a great memaw!

I can remember being so embarassed by my mom. If you know her, you know that she's never met a stranger. Always, everywhere she goes, she talks to people - oh my goodness, that used to embarass me so terribly bad. And on top of talking to EVERYONE, she's also extremely oppinionated, and doesn't mind sharing everything on her mind - like it or not.

If you ask any of my friends who've met her, guaranteed, they can tell you a story about something that she's said to or around them that embarassed me...

The day that I stopped being embarassed by her was the day that she almost died. I'll never forget sitting outside the hospital waiting room a couple of days after their accident. A few ladies from mom's work came to visit her. When they walked out, Kay Lynn (who is now my manager!) walked over to us and said something along the lines of "I went in there to help her feel better and it ended up that SHE made ME feel better". That's just the way my mom is. In the midst of extreme physical pain and the sheer pain and heartache of seeing her husband die, she was trying to make everyone else feel o.k. There isn't a selfish bone in her body.

Sure, she still says things that make me roll my eyes, and she's still bossy, and she still thinks she's right about everything...but that's ok. God gave her back to us that crazy day and I'm so thankful!

I love you mom!

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Woman of Clay said...

I remember that day too. And your mom still makes me see things differently and still makes me glad to call her my friend and mentor. I love both of you.