Monday, January 26, 2009

My guilty pleasure

So, I'm publicly admitting that The Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures. And...I'm also admitting that I am a grown woman (that's weird to say, because I really don't feel like a "woman") anyways...I am a grown woman and I spend most of my time watching the show embarrassed for those crazy girls. You can totally tell the ones he's not into - and when they start going in for the kiss I get sooooo embarrassed for them! Sometimes so bad that I have to change the channel until it's over.

Tonight I told Eli that he's not allowed around crazy girls like that. For real.

So...I'm thinking it's going to be Jillian...anyone agree?

Tomorrow other guilty pleasures - American Idol and Biggest Loser. It's sad being me! :)


Julie said...

I don't watch that one, but I have seen it before and I felt the same way for those girls. I also thought, man they are probably gonna feel really silly one day when they look back on the way they acted on national television. :) I love American Idol though, although the tryouts make me sad because I think the judges are cruel and could be a little more classy.

Sherry said...

Darin and I actually make a date night out of it. Yeah, we laught hard...they are going to be soooo embarassed when they see that later! I'm still not sure....which one was he in the tent with? There were so not so common sounds coming from there!

Amanda J. said...

Haha, I actually caught Josh watching that last night!
So guilty pleasure... The Hills and Real Housewives of Orange County... I know, I know!
I think its the fact that I can watch them, get to people watch and absolutly use no brain cells to do so. It's like checking out for an hour LOL

Anonymous said...

MY favorite show!!!! I love the bachelor, and I know this is going to sound really ugly but I was sooo glad when he let Shannon, Meghan, and Lauren go. I predict Jillian will be one of the last ones, but I am totally not sure about this whole Deanna coming back. If Deanna's not in the picture, then I think it will be Melissa or Molly as a finalist with Jillian.
Mike is a closet Bachelor fan! He acts like he isn't but he totally is into it. :) lol

Michelle said...

I used to watch it, but stopped because I couldn't handle the real life drama. I'm more of a fictional drama girl myself, with Grey's and Private Practice. I do watch Idol though. B wishes he weren't too old to do the show because he sooo wants to go on and be one of those people who know they can't sing and act like they're all upset when they don't make it. He's a goober.