Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Bunch of Rambling

They've almost got our driveway done - I think it will be finished tomorrow. Exciting! We've just got to pick a builder now...that's the scary part! We've got two to pick from right now. One is more expensive, but have heard great things about him - the other is less expensive but we don't know many people who have used him. My gut says to go with the first one. We'll see.

I felt great last week while I was in Lexington (by the way...we got to see Kentucky get beat by Gardner-Webb). For some reason, once I got back here, it all went down-hill. Today has been the worst day. Maybe with some sleep tonight, I'll feel better. At 12 weeks now, so hopefully it will get better soon.

I'm anxious for my appt on the 20th. Get to hear the heartbeat. I still find myself being very nervous.

Funny story...
My neice Jenna is a funny little girl - let's just say she has lots of charisma. She was in trouble on the way home a week or so ago and my sister told her that she was going to get a spanking when they got home. When they got home, my sister told her to go into her room. She got down on her knees in front of Jenna and explained why she was going to get a spanking - to which Jenna responded with "Mommy, lets pray"....

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