Monday, November 12, 2007

Driveway Drama

Chris came to my desk today in a bit of a panic - he said his eye was twitching...The people working on our road called to say that a lady next door came over throwing a fit saying that we didn't have a right to build our driveway there and demanding that they stop're almost done and have $5000 worth of driveway already built. She was on her way to call the mayor. But...the mayor wasn't working today since it's Veteran's day so neither the crazy, mean lady nor I got to talk to the mayor. Not how I wanted my day to go today.

Not much to worry about because my mom talked to the mayor's office back in July when she was deeding the land to us to make sure where we should build the driveway and we build it right where they told us to.

I'm thinking the mayor and I are going to become friends tomorrow. Fun times...

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