Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ride 'em Cowgirls

Memaw is in Vegas with her sister, for the National Finals Rodeo. Ye Haw! They love it. Mom and Dad used to go every year. It was just their thing. But after dad died she quit going for a couple of years. At some point she decided that she still loved it and wasn't going to quit going so she got my aunt hooked (she's a widow too - my uncle died when I was a sr in high school). They get all cowgirled up and head for Vegas once a year now...I love seeing them so excited. Mom was up EARLY this morning - kind of like a kid before Christmas.

I love you mommy
Carlee really, really wants to eat all the 20 lbs of candy in her pumpkin. So, I heard "I love you mommy" several times tonight. She always says that before she asks me something she knows I'm going to say no to...pretty smart little girl!

It's a date
Aunt Tricia offered to keep Carlee tomorrow night so that Chris and I can go on a date (thanks Aunt Tricia). Yea for us! I can't wait.

One more trip
I've got to leave for Lexington, KY on Monday and won't get back until Thursday. Long time to not see Chris and Carlee. I'm already missing them! But, this is my last time to travel for the year. It won't start back up again until February or March. This time its a pre-season NCAA basketball tournament at the University of Kentucky...probably won't be as exciting as my usual NASCAR crowd! More people wearing shirts and with teeth I imagine.

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