Saturday, November 24, 2007

So Blessed

We have a "Thankful" book that we write in every year - a tradition that began about 7 years ago with my family...just like it sounds, everyone writes about what they are thankful for. Last night I read back through it. Funny that the first year I wrote in it, I didn't even know's amazing to see how my life has changed over the past 7 years, and how God's hand has been guiding me.

I read my grandpa's entry...where he wrote to my entire family and told us that above all else, remember that God loves us - and he passed away 7 months later. I read my dad's writing - about how thankful he was for his two grandsons (that's all he had back then) how he loved playing "cowboys" with them - and I smile a big smile...I read my mom's entry the Thanksgiving after she lost the love of her life and I realized how blessed I am to have an amazing mother who could still find joy and see blessings after her loss. I saw entries from friends and family who joined us for Thanksgiving because they didn't have another place to go, and read of their thankfulness to have a place to spend Thanksgiving.

This year, I'm thankful for my precious family - for a husband who loves me regardless...for a sweet, sweet little girl who makes me smile and smile and smile...for the little baby who is going to join us next year...for a wonderful church family...for precious friends...for the ability to go to work every day...for the ability to build this house...and most of all, for a savior who loves me.



Matt and Becca said...

That's a FANTASTIC idea! Love it. I think I might steal it.

Amber Snow Neil said...

I love that idea too! I think I'm going to start it with my fam.