Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dirt, the potty and kicks

They did it! Dirt has actually started moving around. YEA! I haven't seen it yet, but I talked to my sister this morning and she could see them working outside her window. It looked like the dirt work was done she thought. Exciting!!

And, more exciting news is that Carlee used the potty at school today 2 times! We've started working with her at home but haven't been extremely hard core. She was very proud of herself...and she liked the skittles they gave her as a result. Hey...I would potty on demand for some skittles some days.

Eli is kicking like crazy these days. Usually at night. During the day he's pretty laid back. Just hanging out listening to me type away on the computer I guess. Somehow he knows when it's time for me to go to sleep and gives me a few swift kicks in the bladder. He was breech when I had the ultrasound, but I feel like maybe he's moved around b/c of where the kicks (or could be punches I guess) are now. Still, he's much less active than Carlee was. I remember laying the remote control on my belly and she would kick so hard sometimes that it would fall off. Of course, I was probably a lot further along than I am now (4 months left by the way)'s hard to put the timing all in perspective.

I guess I better watch a little American Idol. My guilty pleasure right now.

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