Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's a boy!!

The ultrasound was today. And after about 15 minutes of poking and prodding and rolling back and forth from my left side to my right we were finally able to see the boy parts! I have to say, I was a little surprised. I kind of felt like girl. I think I'm still a bit in shock - almost like I felt when I found out I was pregnant originally. Chris, my mom and Kerry came with me and got to see. Very cool.

When I went to pick Carlee up I told her she was going to have a little brother. She ignored me at first...just wanted me to hold her. So I did. Then in the car, I asked her what she wanted to call her little brother and she said "girl". I don't think she is upset becuase she's getting a boy...she just names eveyrthing "girl". If I ask her a baby doll's name, she says "girl". If I ask her her stuffed monkey's name she says "monkey". Not very creative. Jenna (my niece) is quite the opposite. She has dolls named all kinds of things - Donna is my favorite. She wanted to call our baby Kelly. She's the only one truly disappointed we're getting a boy.

So...I think I've talked Chris into Eli Christopher. He's not 100% sold on it - but it's hard to get him 100% sold on anything. He can't pick shoes, clothes, paint colors, decorations, presents etc. etc. etc. becuse he's always looking for something to "blow his socks off". I told him tonight that considering his "blow his socks off" criteria, I'm surprised he picked me! He wasn't sure about Carlee either, but now he can't imagine her being anything but I think he'll be fine.

Here are his "stats" from today's appointment:
weighed 15 oz.
heartbeat 158
becuase of his size, they estimated the due date at 5/24. The actual due date is 5/26.

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