Friday, March 28, 2008

The same random thoughts

I'm taking another vacation day today. This time to get a few things ready for the consignment thing and to get some things's out of controll in this little house. If I go to my due date, then I've got 7 weeks left. Amazing how un-prepared I am. But, I don't feel stressed for some reason. I sent Carlee to daycare for part of the day. Mainly becuase when we're going through her baby clothes, she wants to try all of it on - even if it's 3-6 months. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get much done. I'm not consigning much - most of it I gave away to a couple of friends. But, I've got a few things left over so guess I might as well.

Visions of the house have been dancing through my head every single night this week. We met with the electrician and the cabinet guy on Monday and since then I've been super excited-thinking about floors, cabinets, counter tops, paint colors etc. etc. I usually sleep until about 2:30, then it's all over. From then on my brain is in high gear. Maybe I'll take a nap today too.

Yesterday they delivered the brick, so hopefully this weekend we'll get to see some of it up on the house. EXCITING! I may have already said this...but I'm for real going to kiss our builder on the lips if he'll get this house done before Carlee's birthday - I'd love to have her party there! So, we're shooting for July 1. I'm not sure how he'd feel about that (the kiss on the lips)...


Matt and Becca said...

I would love to see that. The kiss. And your house of course. I have been wading through paint colors as well, so feel free to come look at ours (if we're even on the same page with colors). I even have some samples if you want to paint a posterboard or something to see it larger than a square inch. I also have one of those huge fan decks with every since paint color from Sherwin Williams if you want to borrow it. It's so handy. We're right in the middle of having the entire house painted, but it should be finished early next week if you want to come look. email or call me if you want to.

Matt and Becca said...

that was supposed to say, "every single paint color."