Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back at it...

Well, it's been a long time. The thought of sitting in front of the computer when I get home from work just isn't that appealing to me these days. But, I've got so much excitement going on I'll tough it out tonight! :)

Eli and Me
I'm feeling pretty o.k. - considering I'm pretty sure he's about 3 feet tall right now! Or maybe not. I've been complaining about how big I'm certain he is - and he'll probably end up being tiny! He's very, very active. Much more than Carlee I think. Wakes up at 4 a.m. every day - so I roll over and put my belly up against Chris...if I'm going to be awake, so is he! Aren't I sweet? I can't wait to meet this little guy. I went tonight to bring dinner to my friends who have 2 week old twins and I got to hold both of precious. They are amazing parents and love this little boy and girl like crazy! I love it!

My sweet little Carlee just about caused her mommy to have a break down night before last! I was helping my mom do her taxes online, so I was a great mom and put Carlee in memaw's bedroom to watch Strawberry Shortcake. Chris was gone to meet with the builder, so he couldn't entertain her. She mentioned while I was getting her movie started that she wanted to paint her toenails...I told her we would paint them later - she requested pink and I agreed. So, about 5 minutes later she comes walking down the hallway saying "mommy, I need to wash my hands". I smelled the distinct smell of fingernail polish before I saw her...hands and feet were covered in red nail polish! Which meant that it was also probably all over my mom's bedroom...yep...on her comforter and in the carpet! So, we used acetone to get it out of the carpet but couldn't get it out of the comforter. I guess memaw will be getting new bedding from the Harris' when we move out! Carlee is so sweet that it's hard to get mad at her when stuff like that happens. She said "is it pretty mommy?"

And...the house!
We've got drywall!! They're going to start bricking Monday and I'm meeting with the floor guys tomorrow to get everything measured. I really like the hardwoods and tile that we picked out!


Matt and Becca said...

It looks like a house!!! YEA! Call me when you are feeling crazy while you're moving with two kids. I'll remind you that it's totally worth it. :) See you Sunday.

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