Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I love being a mom....

Carlee is running through the house naked, trying to hide from her daddy so she doesn't have to get in the bathtub...she plays that game every night. Only two more nights of it just being mommy, daddy and Carlee. I'm a little worried about her - I hope she gets through this transition ok. Kids do it every day, so I'm certain she'll be fine. I just don't want her to feel like we love her any less once her little brother gets here. I have no doubt that I can love them both with the same kind of love, but since she's a "big girl" and can take care of her self, I don't want to expect too much out of her, or ignore her needs because Eli is so little - but then, I want to give Eli all of the love and attention he needs. Wow...this is going to be interesting. I know it will work itself out. Just the unknown is a little crazy!

Our princesses
We've had Brett and Jenna here since Thursday and Carlee has had a GREAT time playing with Jenna. They wore their princess dresses today to see my grandma in Waldron. Carlee was Cinderella and Jenna Snow White. My grandma loved it - had to have her picture taken with them - I'll post them later (um...may be way later).

Thursday night, Jenna was having a breakdown - screaming and laying on the ground throwing a fit. My mom attempted to calm her, to no she picked her up to carry her into the bedroom - I guess Carlee thought Jenna was getting a spanking, so she was following behind mom crying "don't do it memaw, don't do it!" :) Carlee hasn't ever had a spanking (not that I wouldn't do it if it was necessary - it just hasn't been necessary yet) but she knows that it's part of Jenna's every-day I guess she was trying to save her!

Chris' supervisor will only let him have one day off work - then he has one personal day he can take - so we're hoping that if I go in Tuesday, we'll get to go home Wednesday. Otherwise, I'm not sure what we're going to do. My mom said she would drive me home from the hospital, if I don't get to go home until Thursday, but I really want Chris to be able to do that - and Chris isn't going to want to leave us at the hospital while he goes to work. It really stinks! Not much I can do about it though...

This is probably the last time I'll post for a little while. My friend Christina is e-mailing everyone the details! Can't wait to introduce Eli to you!

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