Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pediatrician Visit

Last night was a much better night - Eli made it 4 hours between bottles - and after his 6:00 bottle he went right back to sleep...and I joined him! We both slept another 2 hours and it felt great!

His dr. appt. went well. He gained 1 oz. so he's 8lbs. 1 oz. now. His umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet and they were a little concerned about infection, so if it doesn't fall off and starts to "smell" by Friday, we've got to bring him back and they'll put some type of drying agent on it to get it to fall off...kind of yuck. He's also having problems with excess fluid in his left testicle - probably more info than I need to share...His dr. said it could turn into a hernia, so we're watching to make sure it gets better within the next couple of days. We definitely want to avoid hernia surgery.

Our pediatrician is wonderful. She was very affirming when it came to nursing vs. formula. Every time I talk about not being able to nurse, I get teary...and today was no exception. I didn't want to look like an emotional wreck, but it was a little hard to hold back. She assured me that with the advances in formula it is extremely close to breast milk and Eli is not "missing out" by not nursing. She said that she sees many children who were breast fed who still have allergies and asthma. In a perfect world, we would all be able to do it. But, it's not a perfect world.

Carlee is still doing great with Eli. She is very protective of him and loves to kiss him on the head. I just love watching her interact with him. It makes my heart feel happy. I try to paint a picture of it in my mind, because I have a feeling that in a year or so things might be a little different - when he starts getting into her stuff!

I love my babies...I am blessed.

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Matt and Becca said...

So glad about your dr's appt. And I'm glad your dr. is supportive. Ours was too. It's really encouraging. I hope his umbilical cord falls off soon. Will was 5WEEKS before his did. I was so grossed out! And I hope his other issues clears up too. I promise not to tell him later that you blogged about his junk. :) Yep, I said junk. Won't be long before you'll know, and possibly use, all the lingo too.