Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Zoo

We decided last minute to take Carlee (and Eli) to Tulsa to the zoo and aquarium Thursday and Friday...and it was quite a trip.

In case you're wondering, the sleeping 5 consecutive hours and the non-screaming night did not last more than that one joyous night. Eli is back to his old fact, he's crying right now. But my WONDERFUL mom is rocking him.

So, back to the zoo and aquarium...We packed up and left early Thursday morning and headed to the aquarium first - Carlee was super excited. I'm not sure it was worth the $$ for Chris and I, but she thought it was great. We planned on taking her to Incredible Pizza that night - but Eli did not agree, so he and his daddy stayed home and Carlee and I ventured to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. I kind of feel like I need to disinfect when I get back from that place...too many germs! But, she had a great time.

On the way home we stopped at Chili's to pick up dinner. When we walked in the door the guy at the cash register greeted which Carlee replied (with a giggle) "hey mommy, that boy has a pony tail...boy's don't have pony tails". I covered her mouth and the guy acted like he didn't hear her. I tried to stifle my giggles while I was waiting for my receipt, but it sure was hard. Living with a 3 year old brings funny times!

We stayed at my sister's house while we were in Tulsa - and all slept in the same room. I do not recommend. Carlee yelled in her sleep all night, which woke Eli. Chris snored and I was awake...all night. Friday we attempted the zoo. (I'm not recommending the zoo right now...most of the exhibits were closed for remodeling.) Eli was not going for the stroller so Chris and I took turns carrying him through the park. It was about 90 degrees and he was a sweaty little boy by the end (actually, by the first 10 minutes). We brought a stroller for each of them, so one of us was pushing two strollers and trying to keep up with Carlee. I'm going to recommend not taking a 6 week old to the zoo...

Even though it was a crazy trip, it was priceless. As we were driving I looked in the back seat and it hit me that I really have two kids. I spent a lot of time thinking about the future and what trips like this are going to be like when they are a little bit older. Carlee spilled over with excitement with everything that we did...I love that!

Now, if I can find my camera, I'll post some pictures.

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