Tuesday, July 15, 2008

House update
We're moving in this weekend!! I think our builder saw the desperation in my face today. The plan is to move everything into the garage on Friday then get it in the house Saturday...although I may just do it all Friday night. YAY!!

I would post pictures of the finished product, but my wonderful new camera got stolen while we were at the zoo...it had pictures of Eli, Carlee's birthday party, Carlee and Jenna in their bikini's playing in the sprinkler and the zoo trip - and I didn't have any of them printed. I cried the first two days, but now have just resigned to the fact that it's gone and I have to move on. It really stinks though. So, hopefully will get a new (much cheaper) one soon.

The kidos
Tomorrow is Eli's 2 month checkup...which means shots. Yuck! My mom went with me when Carlee had her first shots. I was a nervous wreck. I made mom hold her and I comforted her after it was over. I'm on my own this time. My friend recommended that I ask for another nurse to hold him...I'm doing that. Tonight I asked Carlee if she had ever gotten a shot - she said no. Guess they really don't remember!

I love how much Carlee loves Eli. She's really great with him. Yesterday she said, "mommy, I love my brother". Does it get any better than that?

Random thoughts...

I guess since gas prices are so high, there are lots more motorcycles on the road. Have you ever noticed the "motorcycle wave". Apparently, if you ride a motorcycle, you're in a special club and you have to wave at all the other motorcycle drivers...It's not a normal beauty pageant wave - instead you drop your arm to knee level and open and close your hand quickly. I noticed it a lot today and thought about waving to everyone driving a Nissan Altima - not the same effect.

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