Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 months

Eli's 2 month appointment went well. His pediatrician was still concerned about the hydrocele and the possibility of it turning into a hernia. We're just going to keep watching it and hoping that it goes away. If it turns into a hernia or if it's still an issue when he turns 1, she'll want him to have surgery. Other than that, he had a great check-up. He had to have his 2 month immunizations and was asleep when the nurse stuck him...but the sleeping didn't last long. Since he was asleep, I didn't ask for another nurse. He never opened his eyes, just screamed with them closed! He didn't get a temp and hasn't been too terribly fussy. In fact, this morning he played on his blanket for about 30 minutes cooing and smiling.

He's getting on a good eating/playing/sleeping schedule. I'm figuring out his "sleep cues" and know now when it's time to put him down for his nap before he gets fussy. That makes a huge difference in how long he sleeps.

My niece Jenna's prayer...

"Hey Jesus. Thanks for dying on the cross and for water. Hope you spend the night with me tonight. Oh, and thanks for the sun."

Love that! :)

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