Friday, August 15, 2008

This week at daycare

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the daycare...nervous at first, because that usually means someone is sick and needs to go home. Which also means that they can't go back the next day. Not only do I not want sick kiddos, I also have no vacation left until February. one was sick or hurt. They had a question. You see, apparently Eli had been sleeping for 4 hours and they wondered if they should wake him up. Um...yes.

He's doing great in daycare. Obviously he takes great naps (which was not the case with Carlee). They say he's just a happy baby. That makes me happy.

Carlee is doing great in "pre-pre-school" too. But...since we've been in the new house, she's been getting out of her bed and into ours EVERY night. We tried a "big girl" chart, promising a new movie if she got 5 stars for staying in her bed every night. That worked one desperation, and really not expecting an answer, with my head in my hands I said "Carlee, what is mommy going to have to do to get you to stay in your bed?" To which she replied "hummmm, I don't know." I laughed out loud. And she's stayed in her bed every night since.

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Julie said...

I remember that phase! Such a tough one, but they do outgrow it.