Sunday, August 24, 2008

About me...

OK, I was having one of those days yesterday where I was a little down...thinking that there was nothing really "special" about me...(I think maybe b/c I turned 33 last week and feel OLD!) So, I made myself think of the things that make Here they are:

1. I am a rule follower - you will never see me going out the in door.
2. I'm too embarrassed about my ugly toes to get a pedicure. I lost my big toenail on a Young Life backpacking trip and it hasn't ever been the same...gross.
3. I watch "The Hills". And, I like it.
4. I have a knack for picking great friends. There are people out there who are better at pulling you down than lifting you up - I'm not friends with anyone like that.
5. Sheets are very important to me. The higher the thread count the better.
6. I love watching high school football.
7. I love boxed chocolate cake with chocolate icing...way too much.
8. I have an extremely unhealthy fear of someone else that I love dying in an accident.
9. I'm better at writing that I am at talking. Small talk makes me nervous.
10. I'm terrible at math. Had my sister not "helped" me in college, I would probably still be taking Algebra.
11. I am an instruction giver. I get it from my mom. My husband doesn't like it!

Now...tonight is my night to get up with Eli, so I think I'll be smart and get in bed. If anyone has any great ideas about how to get an almost 4 month old to quit waking up at 4 a.m. to eat, that would be great. :)


Julie said...

Hi Becky! I loved your list and I totally need to make one of my own. I've had one of those weeks. Yes, weeks. :) I feel the same way about lots of things on your list. :) Good luck with the baby. I hope you get some sleep. my blog is so you know I'm not a stalker.

Woman of Clay said...

Beck - you are so funny. And I had this strange sense after reading your list that you and Rebel are much alike when it comes to writing random things about yourself. Funny that I just sent you that "The Life That I Live" that Rebel wrote and here I am reading your list of "What makes me who I am". It is a very cool list. By the way, I happen to think you are great at writing and talking....