Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The ring...

My funny conversation with Carlee after we passed a billboard with a huge diamond ring (the one next to Toys R Us)

Carlee: Mom, why did Jesus put that ring on that sign?
Me: I don't know. Do you think Jesus put the ring on that sign?
Carlee: Um, yes. (in her, "of course he put it there" tone)
Me: I guess he wants us to see a beautiful ring.
Carlee: Why does he want us to see a beautiful ring?
Me: Well, I guess because he loves us.
Carlee: Why does Jesus love us?
Me: Because he thinks we're special.
Carlee: Oh, OK.

I love how a picture of a ring turned into a conversation with my sweet girl about Jesus loving us!

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Julie said...

That is so sweet. Jenna is always doing that too...Why did Jesus give me eyebrows? Why does Jesus want me to wear a pink shirt today? Why did Jesus make the road black? haha