Thursday, September 25, 2008


Eli is on the verge of rolling over...if he could just figure out what to do with those arms that get in his way! Carlee was 10 months old before she could roll over - a direct result of chubbiness!

Oh, I just love this age. Everything I say to him in my crazy, high pitched voice puts a huge smile on his face. How can you not love that? more middle of the night bottle! YEA! So to bed at 7:30 and up at 5:30 - what a deal! I usually have to get up once to put his paci in his mouth...but I would do that anyway because I'm one of those crazy people who have to get up and check on my kids in the middle of the night. I do kind of wish I could get him to stay up past 7:30 so I could play with him a little more...but he doesn't agree. So, I'll just go with it.

Have I told you that I love being a mom.

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Julie said...

I miss those days. When you can talk to them like a crazy person and they just love it. I still talk to Miles that way (the dog) and he wags his tail so hard..haha. What can I say, it is just in us to speak in crazy high pitched voices to our kids. Now that I can't get away with it on JB, I just transfer all that craziness to the dog. :)