Saturday, September 27, 2008

Woo Hoo!

So, remember way back when I talked about loosing weight and how much of a struggle it has been my whole life...and now especially after Eli? Well, I've been pretty darn committed to doing this. I'm doing WW and exercising every chance I get. So, I lost 3 lbs. this week...making that a grand total of 21.5 lbs in 10 weeks. That means 2.5 lbs away from the camera that I want! I set little mini goals, so I get an awesome Nikon camera at 24 lbs. then another 10 lbs is family pics (can't wait for that Julie!) then another 10 lbs is a new chair for my bedroom. This is hard stuff...and I can hardly walk from Thursday's workout - but I'm sticking with it and feel really good.

OK, Eli and Carlee are both asleep at the same time...and that doesn't happen often! So, I'm off to clean the house - for the 100th time this week...I'm sure NONE of you know what that is like? :)

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Julie said...

woohoo!!! you go girl!!! where/when do you go to the meetings? I've been doing WW at home, but maybe i need to start going to the meetings again and get really committed to it. let me know!