Monday, October 27, 2008

Lookin' alike

I usually don't think much about the fact that I'm a twin. But today I felt huge anxiety. Not because I care that people think I'm Kerry (it's actually a compliment - have you seen how great she looks!) It absolutely doesn't bother me at all (so if you're a guilty party - no worries). I just hate that it embarrasses people so much. And it really embarrasses some people - to the point that they avoid talking to us because they're afraid they can't tell us apart. It's fine to ask!!

When I was walking into church this morning the greeters at the front door said "hi Kerry", I said hi back, smiled and kept on walkin'. No need in correcting them since no conversation was going to happen. I didn't have Chris and the kids with me today, so on the way out of church, I made a bee-line for my car. On the way out a few people who I didn't know gave me a big "hi, how are YOU doing" not just a nice "how are you", but a "I know you and really want to know how you are - how are you". So, I did the ole' "I'm fine" and kept on walking!

But, tonight at the Fall Festival was a different story. They all needed me (well, Kerry) for something - so I had to gently let them down. Fine with me, but super embarrassing for them. Especially when it's people who know that I exist. Most people don't know that there's another Kerry roaming around.

A guy that Kerry used to work with calls me "fake Kerry". Now that's funny.

By the way...I can't tell us apart on the phone if that makes you feel any better!

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Julie said...

I have a trick of telling you apart, although I don't really have to use it any more since I have known you both for a while now. :) So funny that you sound alike on the phone!