Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reflective...or not

You'd think I would have a lot to write about. I'm spending a lot of time in a hotel room, by seems like I should be reflective - thinking about life and all. But, really, I've read two books, flipped through the channels on TV and slept a whole lot (when I'm not going to classes). Exciting stuff...I know. I've got 2 more nights left, so maybe I'll use them to be reflective...or maybe I'll go loose 20 bucks in a slot machine - we'll see. By the way - my nose has been stuffy since I got here - last night was the worst so I found myself paying $10.00 for a small bottle of nasal spray. $10.00!

We downloaded skype, so I got to see Chris, Carlee and Eli last night! Carlee thought it was pretty cool that she could see me on the comptuer. I thought it was pretty cool too! Technology is awesome.

Off to classes for the day.

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Julie said...

Awesome! Jeff and I went to Vegas last winter and he was sick with a head cold the entire time. I hope you are having fun and on your way home now!