Friday, January 23, 2009

Good stuff about moving companies

So, I really need to give ABF U-Pack Moving some link love. If you're ever moving out of state, and your move is over 500 miles, definitely check them of the best moving companies out there! First, ABF is an extremely reputable company (which is a big deal when you're trusting someone with all of your stuff) Second, it's really easy. Third, it's really affordable.

Basically ABF delivers either a moving trailer or ReloCube (small container) to your home. You load all of your stuff. ABF drives it to your new home and you unload your stuff. It's kind of a happy medium between a "full service" mover and a rental truck. It's a lot easier than driving a rental truck, but costs A LOT less than full service mover (in fact, it costs about the same as a rental truck.)

I'm pretty sure most people who read this aren't going to be moving any time soon (far away at least)...but if you you've got someone else to check with!

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