Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ponies and Hippos...

I have to post an email that my friend Amanda (who keeps Carlee and Eli during the day now) sent me yesterday...

okay, so Kate and Carlee want to get married so they'll be friends forever. So I
do the ceremony making them promise to be nice to each other and always love
each other as friends forever. They hug and Carlee tells Kate she has a present
for her. She then hands her Kate's horse. Kate then says that she has a present
for Carlee and picks up a toy hippo. Carlee takes the hippo, chunks it across
the room and says "Hey, I wanted a pony!"

Hilarious. There was a life lesson for Carlee in that. You thankful for what you're given. But...I have to say, there was also a little life lesson in there for me. You know what it's like when you have an expectation - and it doesn't happen. When you'd love a homemade card from the kids and instead you get an address book made out of dried leaves... :) Guess when I sulk, it's kind of like throwing the hippo! :)


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Amanda said...

Love it! haha So true! Funny how life lessons can come from flying hippos :)

Michelle said...

Too cute!!