Thursday, March 5, 2009

Growing up

So, my little girl is turning into a big girl. This weekend we will begin trying to "help" her stop sucking her thumb. Except for when she's sleeping, she usually only sucks her thumb when she has her "silky" (if you'll remember, after she lost "bumpy" she moved on to silky). So, several weeks ago she stopped taking silky to Ms. Amanda's. But when she gets home she makes a bee-line to her bedroom, grabs silky and sticks that thumb in her mouth. It's almost funny...has to get a little fix.

So, Saturday we're going to have a ceremonial putting silky away - and we're going to Target so Carlee can pick out a new "Big Girl" blanket for her bed. Then toys-r-us to pick out her "goal" toy. So, every day she doesn't suck her thumb she gets to put a dollar in her can - When she gets $20, she gets to buy her toy. She is sooo award I think this will work...I hope so at least.

And so...she's growing up. Last night she requested Dora before going to bed...which she calls DURA - thanks to my mom. So here was our exchange:

Carlee - Can I watch Dura?
Me - Yes, but you say it DORA like Door-A.
Carlee - Mom, really. I say it how I want to say it You say it how you want to say it.

And that was it.

Good times.


Sherry said...

Oh my goodness, they do grow up so fast. Thanks for the giggle this morning!

Amanda J. said...

haha, and that, can be blamed on Kate!