Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prayer for my mom

Please say a prayer for my mom this week. She's an amazing, amazing woman and has unbelievable strength. and faith. She really is strong. But, beneath it all, I know there are tears in her heart. I know she misses my dad terribly and wishes he were here so she could enjoy life with him. My heart hurts for her...and it hurts for me and my sisters. He died 7 years ago March 3.

Most of you already know the story...If not, I wrote about it last year. It's long.

The cool thing is that Jenna was born 3 years later on March 4. I think my dad had something to do with that. We can be sad on Tuesday, then we celebrate on Wednesday!

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Mike said...

Becky, I'll be sure to remember your Mom this week. On a happier note we are celebrating Connors Birthday on March 4th as well, I guess I didn't know that Jenna was born on the same day!