Friday, September 14, 2007


Funny, funny story...
We got in late one night, so Chris had to give Carlee her bath the next morning. Here's the play-by-play as I heard it sitting at the computer:

Chris: OH NO! You pooped.
Carlee: I pooped?
Chris (disgusted): Yes, you pooped in the bath tub - that's gross.
Carlee: That's gross?
Chris: Yes, that's gross.

She was finished with the "bathing" part of her bath, and was just playing, so Chris threw her out. He got an old cup and tried to scoop the poop out of the bathtub...this was the resulting conversation.

Carlee: What are you doing daddy?
Chris: Getting your poop out of the bathtub.
Carlee: Getting my poop out of the bathtub?
Chris: Yes.

Then, as Chris dumped it into the toilet, Carlee screamed out "NOOOOO, Diego" and "That's my Diego".

Chris: That's not Diego - That's your poop.

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