Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Ramblings

What a wonderful Christmas!
We got to spend a few days in Harrison with Chris' family, then drive back to spend some time with mine. Carlee doesn't get the concept of Santa Clause, but she sure does like to open presents! Her Nana (Chris' mom) got her a HUGE princess tent and she was speechless...she jumped up and down with her hands over her mouth when her daddy set it up. By the end of the night she had me, her daddy, her uncle Jason and her Nana and Papa inside. We don't have any place to put it now, so it will be a big new surprise when we move into our new house...perfect for her play room.

The blucks
Christmas night I started feeling a little yucky...and by bedtime I was full blown sick. Yesterday morning I tried a couple of bites of a cracker and couldn't keep it down...and so, the vacation day I took yesterday was spent going back and forth from my bed to the bathroom. I felt much better when I woke up this morning...just a headache, hurting back and completely worn out. So, I decided to stay home today and try to recuperate. Not the way I wanted to spend my next-to-the-last vacation day! Now, we just pray that Carlee doesn't get it. I'm trying to do a little disinfecting in between resting today.

The Baby
I'm starting to feel some little kicks - they are very faint, and if I didn't remember what Carlee felt like, I probably wouldn't know. I've been feeling them for about 2 weeks now, but they're starting to get a little stronger. Very cool. We're almost at the 20 week mark - I'll be 19 weeks this weekend. We get to find out the sex on January 9th!! Thanks to my brother-in-law's prodding, I got to have a big debate with my grandma on Christmas day about whether I should find out...she gets all worked up about it and thinks that it's ridiculous to find out...because for "thousands of years" women didn't know what they were having and made it just fine. True. But, they didn't have the ability to find out back then, and I do, so I'm going to. And, I can't wait!
And, I think we've decided on a boy name...Eli Christopher.
I'm having problems coming up with a girl name...Taylor is what I'm thinking right now, but we're not set on it.

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