Monday, December 10, 2007


Last night I went to bed fairly early...thinking it would be a nice, calm night. I watched a little TV while Chris put Carlee to bed. I waited and waited on him to come to bed, but it became clear that he had fallen asleep in Carlees bed. So, I turned off the TV...and the excitement began. First what I heard was a little tapping noise - then it got a little louder and a little louder. At first I thought it was Chris or Carlee tapping on the wall. So I sat up, turned the TV back on for some light and listened...there was OBVIOUSLY something in the room with me - and it wasn't Chris. I made a leap out of the bed and out the door to Carlee's room to wake Chris up. After beating on his leg a few times, he came to life. I firmly requested that he figure out what was making the noise. First he said it was the clock in the bathroom...GUARANTEED, it wasn't the clock in the bathroom. So, I strongly suggested again that he go in the room and investigate, while I climed in bed with Carlee. His conclusion was that there was something in the wall. SOMETHING IN THE WALL? How can you sleep with something in the wall. What exactly is that "something"? He climed in bed and turned the light off...leaving me sitting in Carlee's room trying to figure out if the "something in the wall" was going to get out of the wall and climb on me while I was sleeping. So, I stayed with Carlee until she started kicking me...then said a little prayer about nothing crawling on me in the night and got in my bed.

So, we determined that the "something in the wall" is a mouse. I told my mom tonight that there's not enough room in this house for me and a mouse. One of is going to have to go. And, I'm the one who cooks supper every night, so it seems like I should get to stay.

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