Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tis The Season

Sick Again
The daycare called at about 3:30 Thursday to tell me Carlee was coughing so much she wasn't able to sleep, BUT the main reason for the call was that she had been bitten again - this time on the shoulder. The director said she was mad, but OK. I hadn't told them I was at home sick because I figured they might spend the day checking her temperature.

My mom picked her up when she got off work. When they got home, she first told me who bit her (the daycare won't divulge...but Carlee sure will!) then she went straight to the couch and laid her head down - right before her eyes closed she said "I no want to take a rest"...and she was out. Not typical Carlee. I felt her back and she was burning up. Wouldn't you know, not a fever reducer in the Chris ran to Wal-Mart, grabbed some Motrin. She woke up about an hour later, the fever was down and she was ready to go. Chris got her settled back down and asleep at her normal bedtime but she woke herself up coughing...So, I held her in the recliner for a couple of hours just so she could get some rest...and the fever came back. We did this all night. So, I took my last vacation day (it renews in February, so no big deal) and stayed home with her yesterday. Took her to the Dr. and she's got an ear infection and a sinus infection. So, 10 days of antibiotics 2 times a times! Carlee is not an antibiotic lover. Chris has magically gotten her to take it without a huge fight. She still had fever last night, but is much better today. She's enjoying being able to lay around watching cartoons I think. She slept until 10:00 this morning!! She had Chris up a majority of the night last night, but still...10:00.

Forgotten Birthday
With all the sickness that's been going on, I almost forgot Chris' birthday. It was Thursday. I called him half-way through the day to wish him a happy one! What a terrible wife I was that day! I had big plans to take him to dinner, but that didn't happen - so he and my mom had take-out bar-b-q...He was so gracious - that's his character. If it were me, I would probably still be pouting. I like to feel special on my birthday. My mom did tie a pink and a yellow balloon to the light in the kitchen. I promised him that next weekend we would go out and he was fine with that. Not just saying he was fine - he really was (I would say I was fine, but inside would really be mad!) I sure did marry a good man.

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