Sunday, December 9, 2007

my little wheezer

Carlee has had bad troubles with asthma this week. Wed night she started coughing and wheezing - it came on really quick. So, I stayed in the bed with her. It makes me so nervous. Thursday I took her to work with me, hoping I could get her in to see her dr. early...She was suposed to get her flu shot Thursday, so I think this may have been her way of getting out of it!

I couldn't get her in until 1:45, and by the time we got there, she was in distress. You can't tell unless you look at her little was working overtime. She doesn't wheeze really loud like a lot of people with asthma - which makes it a little more scary I think. Anyways...while we were there they gave her a breathing treatment and a steriod to open up her lungs, and she was better in no time. eeks...those steroids are sweet little girl turns into a monster. I'm so thankful for my mom! She stayed home with her Friday b/c we had to give her breathing treatments every 4 hours (the daycare won't give them). By Saturday, she was on the mend and kept saying "I want to go shoppin' mommy" over and over and over...We're still doing breathing treatments, just as a precaution, but she's fine now.

I really hope she grows out of this stuff!

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