Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Oh my goodness...this little girl makes me laugh. For some reason she can't tell the difference between a fox and a skunk. We have a book with a fox...every time she sees it she holds her nose and says "shoooewee"(pronounced shoe we in her best little Arkansas twang). Tonight we were playing with some little animals and there happened to be a fox. She said, "what's that mommy". When I told her it was a guessed it - nose held and a big "shoooeweee". It doesn't matter that I explain to her that skunks stink, but foxes don' her they do.

Tomorrow is her flu shot. Fun times. I think it's going to be much worse on me than on her. I asked her tonight if she wanted to go see Dr. Ashcraft tomorrow. She said yes. I have a feeling after tomorrow, her the answer will be a firm "no". She's got a pretty good memory when it comes to stuff like that (but not foxes and skunks for some reason).

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