Friday, January 4, 2008

My civic duty

It looks like I'm going to get a chance to perform a little civic duty...I was chosen for Jury Duty. So, yesterday I went to orientation - with what seemed like about 300 other people, all crammed into a court room. I thought about trying to get out of it becuase it really doesn't fit into my schedule right now. The term is for 4 months - January through April. I go on maternity leave in May (I think) so I've got a lot to do at work between now and then. But, when you've got a civic duty to do, work doesn't matter. I did find out that Arkansas law used to be that you served a 6 month term and could be on a jury up to 26 days (I think that's right). As of January 1, the law changed and now it's a 4 month term with a maximum of 10 days. Not too bad. Maybe I'll get something interesting and at least learn a few things.

There were some interesting people at orientation. They make you fill out a little "information" card and the last question is "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" I tried to sneak a peak at the guy sitting next to me's card becuase I had a feeling he may have answered yes...

This has nothing to do with jury duty...but check out this youtube video when you get a chance. It made me laugh out loud.

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