Sunday, May 4, 2008

False Alarm

I thought last night was going to be the night. I started having contractions early afternoon - they lasted about a minute each and were about 15 min apart at first, then went to I made sure my bags were ready and sitting by the door, took a shower and dried my hair. After I laid down on my side for a while, they started to come less frequently - and during the night I only had a couple. False alarm. darn it...

I spent most of the morning in bed. Sleeping between HGTV shows, while the rest of the fam was at church. I feel so lazy - but I also can't make myself do anything. I'm just exhausted. But, only 8 more days of work at the most. I can do that. It makes my back hurt just thinking about sitting behind my computer every day for 8 hours - but I can do it...lot's of people do.

Yesterday we picked out/ordered our dining table. We're not doing a formal dining room - just a huge eat-in kitchen. So, this table is a 60" x 60" square w/8 chairs. We're having it built at Woodco. The finish is Expresso - a really, really dark brown. Chris doesn't get a sparkle in his eye about much - he's a little difficult to impress - but he got a sparkle in his eye when he saw it. I can't wait to see it!

I think I'll go finish up the laundry - just in case tonight is the night...wishful thinking. Kerry wants me to wait until they get back from their cruise - but I'm certain that great photos will do if he does decide to make his appearance early!

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Matt and Becca said...

oh, dang! I did that too. I had contractions every 10 mins for a while, then I lay down and drank some water. They went away. I was so discouraged. 24 hours later, they started again, so I didn't even wake Matt up. BUT, that was the night! I woke him up after an hour of contractions coming every 3-5 mins. Maybe this will be your night. I hope so! Kerry will get over it. :)