Friday, May 2, 2008

My Day
I took my very last vacation day today. I needed to take them all before I go on maternity leave, or I have to use them for my maternity leave...who wants that?? I started the day at a funeral. My aunt's mother-in-law passed away. She was 89 and had been suffering from Althemiers for several years. Her body was very healthy, but her mind wasn't. Although I felt sad for my cousin and aunt, it was the first funeral I've ever been to where I didn't cry. I think knowing that her life ended like I feel like lives should end - live a long, full life and go on to be with Jesus. It's when people don't get to live their "full" life (or my view of a full life) that I feel like it's a tragedy. God's ways are higher than mine.

Me and Eli
Yesterday I felt absolutley terrible. I had some contractions - but nothing regular. I still thought that I might not make it through the fact, I've got my bags by the door. But, I feel better today and I think he's going to hang on a little longer. I took about an hour nap today and it felt GREAT! I think if I could do that every day, things would feel a little better. But, that just doesn't fit into the schedule these days.

At my appt. Wed. I was at a 1 and my cervix was thin. He said nothing to call the family in about. He didn't think I would make it more than 2 weeks. And said that he wouldn't make me go more than 2 weeks. Eli is getting BIG we think. He was head down and ready to we'll see. So, if I don't have him before, it looks like we'll probably induce on the 15th. It's not been scheduled or anything, so that might change. I'm so ready to meet this little guy.

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