Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's day!

Happy Father's Day!

It's 3 a.m. and I'm feeding my precious baby boy. Thankful today for a wonderful husband who is committed to raising him to be a respectful, loving, kind man. Chris is the type of father that I prayed about for my children. Thank you Chris for being such an amazing dad! You are helping to mold both of them into wonderful people.

Ever since my dad died, father's day has been such a sad day for me. My dad wasn't always a super dad (I'm certain he would agree). It's not that he didn't love us, he was just never taught to show us that he loved us. It wasn't until my nephews were born that love began pouring out of him. They helped him figure it out! My grandpa though...he knew how to show love (my mom's dad). He was my picutre of what a daddy should be to their little girl early on. He was very kind, loving, gentle. I loved sitting on my papaw's lap and rubbing his head...he had a flat-top that felt really cool! He died 7 years ago last week. A year before my dad. I remember sitting at his funeral and my dad being really sad for us. He hugged me a lot that day.

The father's day after my dad died, I felt a signifigant sense of loss. It felt like everyone else had a dad, a grandpa, a father to their children. I had no reason to celebrate. It was just another day to me. The fact that it even existed made me a little mad. It makes my heart hurt for my mom because I know that she's still in those dad, grandpa or even husband to her children to celebrate with today. She has no need to buy a father's day card. But, she celebrates with us and our husbands...loving that we chose wonderful dads for our kids. I'm also sad for my nephews today. Their mom and dad are divorced and their dad has chosen not to be part of their lives to avoid paying child support. I don't know which would be worse, a daddy who dies or a daddy who chooses not to be a part of your life. My dad was an amazing grandad to them. I'm sad that they don't have a dad or a grandad to celebrate with today. They should.

Please pray for those who don't have a reason to celebrate today. Their hearts will certainly hurt when they see people loving on their dads and grandads. The loss they feel the rest of the year is magnified today.

Chris, I'm so thankful that God put you in my life and made you the father of our children! You give me a reason to celebrate today!

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