Monday, June 16, 2008

Yay for naps!

I'm just writing so that months from now I can look back and remember how tired I am today...and I'll be thankful that we conquered sleep deprivation.

Eli had a bad night last night. I'm sure he'll sleep most of the day today - that's kind of his pattern when he has a bad night. My plan was to send Carlee to school to play with her friends today and "nap when he naps" like all of the books tell you to do. Chris was about 2 minutes away from the daycare when they called to tell me they have to close because of a power outage and leaks...bad storm last night. So, she's back home with me and we're eating a banana and watching Clifford. I have a feeling she's going to watch too many cartoons today.

And...he's crying again, so off to rock.

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