Thursday, June 19, 2008


I felt like angles were singing when I woke up at 3 this morning to Eli's grunts...why so happy? Because his last bottle was at 9:30! He went for 5 1/2 hours between bottles!! Granted, it was 10:45 before he went to sleep, but still - that was approximately 4 hours of uninturrupted sleep! We were back in bed by 3:45 and at 6:18 a.m. he's still asleep...grunting a lot, but asleep. After switching him back to Gentlease with the drops, it seems like his belly feels a lot better. No more projectile poops in the middle of the night (or any time for that matter). Yesterday I layed him on the couch and talked to him for about 10 minutes...he was bright-eyed, just studying my face and moving his hands around to try to touch me. It was wonderful! We haven't gotten to have that kind of interaction yet becuase he's been so fussy. Normally, if he's not sleeping, he's screaming. So, I spend all of my time trying to rock him back to sleep - since that's when he seems most at peace (and I get a break from the crying).

So, here's hoping that this is coming to an end. If it ends at 6 weeks, I'll count myself extremely blessed. Most people have to endure it for 3 months!

Here are pictures of Carlee at the Old Fort Days parade. She LOVES horses and princesses right now, so this was amazing to her...cowgirl's with fancy clothes and crowns and LOTS of horses. She just sat on her daddy's shoulders and waved in a daze for about an hour.

And, the house. We're getting close to finished. This is before they cleared the it actually looks like a yard - but without grass. They should be getting a lot done this week. Hardwoods go in next week and that's the last inside thing. They'll still put cedar posts on the front porch, add shutters and stain the door, shutters and posts...that will be the last outside thing and should happen next week too!

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